Man pages for SantanderMetGroup/convertR
A climate4R Package for Unit Conversion and Variable Derivation

hurs2hussRelative humidity to specific humidity conversion
hurs2wMixing (mass) ratio of water vapor
huss2hursSpecific humidity to relative humidity conversion
huss2pvpSpecific humidity to partial vapor pressure conversion
huss.iberiaSpecific humidity gridded dataset (var = '"huss"')
ps2pslSurface pressure reduction to sea-level
ps.iberiaSurface pressure gridded dataset (var = '"ps"')
psl2psSea-level pressure to surface pressure
psl.iberiaSea-level pressure gridded dataset (var = '"psl"')
rad2ccCloud cover estimation from radiation data
reducePressureReduce pressure level
rlds.iberiaLongwave incoming solar radiation gridded dataset (var =...
rsds.iberiaShortwave incoming solar radiation gridded dataset (var =...
tas2wsSaturation pressure calculation
tas.iberiaSurface temperature gridded dataset (var = '"tas"')
udConvertGridUnit conversion
zgs.iberiaSurface geopotential height gridded dataset (var = '"zgs"')
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