Man pages for ShanEllis/phenopredict
Predicting phenotypes from RNA-seq expression data

build_predictorUses output from filter_regions() to build the predictor
cmExample epression data used to build the predictor.
cm_newExample expression data to be used for prediction.
extract_dataExtracts data for predictions using regions from...
filter_regionsFilters regions from prediction set to be used to build the...
inputdataOutput from filter_regions
merge_inputUses output from select_regions() to merge output before...
optimize_numRegionsOptimize number of regions used for prediction
phenoExample phenotype data.
predictorOutput from build_predictor
predictor_samplesourcePrebuilt sample source predictor
predictor_sequencingstrategyPrebuilt sequencing strategy predictor
predictor_sexPrebuilt sex predictor
predictor_tissuePrebuilt tissue predictor
predict_phenoMakes predictions for selected phenotype
regiondataInformation about regions included
test_predictorTest accuracy of predictor on known phenotypes
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