Man pages for Shians/Glimma
Interactive HTML graphics

arraydataExample microarray for the study of Ezh2.
as.hexcolNumeric to hex colour converter
glBarGlimma MD Plot
glBar.defaultGlimma MD Plot
glimmaGlimma: interactive graphics from limma
glimma_plotGlimma plot manager
gllinkPlot linkages
glMDPlotGlimma MD Plot
glMDPlot.defaultGlimma MD Plot
glMDPlot.DESeqDataSetGlimma MD Plot
glMDPlot.DESeqResultsGlimma MD Plot
glMDPlot.DGEExactGlimma MD Plot
glMDPlot.DGELRTGlimma MD Plot
glMDPlot.MArrayLMGlimma MD Plot
glMDRmdglMDPlot Rmarkdown link and instructions
glMDSPlotGlimma MDS Plot
glMDSPlot.defaultGlimma MDS Plot
glMDSPlot.DESeqDataSetGlimma MDS Plot
glMDSPlot.DGEListGlimma MDS Plot
glScatterGlimma Scatter Plot
glScatter.defaultGlimma Scatter Plot
glTableGlimma Table
gltablinkPlot linkages
glXYPlotGlimma XY Plot
is.hexHexcode colours
lymphomaRNAseqMouse based RNAseq data for study of smchd1 gene.
makeJsonJSON converter for R objects converter for data frames
makeJson.jschartJSON converter for chart objects
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