Man pages for Shicheng-Guo/edmr
Empirical differentially methylated regions calculation

ACFAuto correlation function
cpgi.annogenerate CpG islands GRangesList object
dist_to_mixmdlDistance to mixmdl
edmrEmpirical differentially methylated regions
eDMR.subedmr sub function
filter.dmrsignificant DMRs
genebody.annogenerate genebody GRangesList object
get.break_pointget break point to minimize the cost function.
getCorrAuto correlation function
get.dist.cutoffget distance cutoff from 'mixtools' object
getDMRCalculate the p-value for the differentially methylated...
get.dmr.genesget gene list based the genebody granges
get.hyper.dmrget hyper-methylated DMRs
get.hypo.dmrget hypo-methylated DMRs
getPeaksCalculate emprical raw regions from 'myDiff' object.
myDiffToDMRcalculate differentially methylated regions from 'myDiff'... mixtools model from 'myDiff' object
plotCostplot cost function and the determined distance cutoff
plot.dmr.distrplot eDMR distribution over the subject genomic ranges
plotMdl1plot the fitted bimodal normal distribution for CpGs...
readTableFastRead text file fast by predicting and feeding 'colClass'...
stoufferStouffer test
stouffer.liptakStoffer Liptak test
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