Man pages for ShouyeLiu/metaboliteUtility

balanceda general purpose function you can use to get balanced data.
brokenlineplotbrokenline plot for data
bubbleplotbubble plot for data
circosdraw circos plot
diamondsPrices of 50,000 round cut diamonds
economicsUS economic time series
faithfuld2d density estimate of Old Faithful data
forestplotForest plot for data
genericcorrplotCorrelation plot for data
genericheatmapheatmap plot for pathway
genericheatmap2heatmap.2 plot
genericqgraphqgraph plot
helloHello, World!
imputationimputate data
lbubbleplotbubble plot for data
log_scalelog and scale data
luv_colours'colors()' in Luv space
mergeggplotmerge two ggplots
merge_multi_filesMerge two or more data frame in a list.
metaboliteUtilitymetaboliteUtility: A package toolkit for daily metabolite...
midwestMidwest demographics
mpgFuel economy data from 1999 and 2008 for 38 popular models of...
msleepAn updated and expanded version of the mammals sleep dataset
mtblmetabolite data in Sudeepa's analysis
presidentialTerms of 11 presidents from Eisenhower to Obama
ratioimputate data
regressionRegression for data, including fixed linear model, mixed...
renamerename data
sealsVector field of seal movements
split_df_to_list_groupsplite a data frame to a list
stat_describeBasic descriptive statistics derived from psych package
txhousingHousing sales in TX
wide_to_longarrange wide format to long format
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