Man pages for StatsWithR/statsr
Companion package for the Coursera Statistics with R specialization

allow_shinySimple check to determine if code is being run in RStudio...
amesHousing prices in Ames, Iowa
ames_samplign_distRun the ames sampling distribution shiny app
arbuthnotMale and female births in London
atheismAtheism in the world data
bandit_simRun the Bandit Simulation shiny app
bayes_inferenceBayesian hypothesis tests and credible intervals
brfssBehavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System 2013 (Subset)
calc_streakCalculate hit streaks.
credible_interval_appRun the Credible Interval shiny app
evalsTeachers evaluations at the University of Texas at Austin
inferenceHypothesis tests and confidence intervals
kobe_basketKobe Bryant basketball performance
mlb11Major League Baseball team data
ncNorth Carolina births
nycflightsFlights data
presentMale and female births in the US
rep_sample_nRepeating sampling.
statsrstatsr: A companion package for the Coursera Statistics with...
wageWage data
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