Man pages for SticsRPacks/CroPloteR
A Package to Analyse Crop Model Simulations Outputs with Plots and Statistics

aestheticsManages the aesthetics of the graphics
bind_rowsBind simulation list into dataframe
bind_rows_simBind simulation list into dataframe
cat_situationsFormat simulation data and observation data in order to...
cat_successiveFormat simulation data and observation data in order to...
extract_plotExtract plot(s) from ggplot
format_croprFormat simulations and observations from CropR format to a...
plot.cropr_simulationPlot situations by group of simulation
plot_generic_situationGeneric plotting of a situation
plot_situationsGeneric plotting function for all models
plot.statisticsPlot statistics
predictor_assessmentModel quality assessment
save_plot_pdfSave CroPlotR plots
save_plot_pngSave CroPlotR plot
split_df2simSplit data.frame into Cropr format
statisticsGeneric simulated/observed statistics for one situation
statistics_situationsGeneric statistics for all situations
subst_parenthSubstitute "(xxx)" by *_xxx"
summary.cropr_simulationSummary statistics of simulations
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