Man pages for SticsRPacks/SticsOnR
A Package to Set, Manage and Analyze STICS Simulations

add_groupAdd a group to a simulation output
all_out_varReturn all possible STICS outputs for var.mod
Del_spe_colErase special characters from STICS outputs or observations
eval_outputCompare STICS simulation outputs (mod_s) to observations...
find_STICS_varFind output variable names for STICS
import_usmCreate a simulation unit (USM) for the STICS model
plot_outputPlot STICS outputs
predictor_assessmentModel quality assessment
rbind_simMakes one stics_eval simulation list from several
read_metRead STICS input meteo file
read_obsRead STICS observation file (*.obs)
read_outputRead STICS outputs (mod_s*)
read_paramRead STICS input parameters
run_sticsRun STICS
save_sensiSave and Read sensitivity analysis of STICS
sensitive_sticsMake sensitivity analysis of STICS output
set_fileInternal function to set some STICS input file parameters
set_paramSet (replace) STICS input file parameters
stati_sticsCompute simulated/observed statistics
stics_evalEvaluate STICS version
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