Man pages for StoreyLab/fFDR
Functional FDR for multiple hypothesis testing an fqvalue object to a data frame
as.double.fPi0Extract functional pi0 estimates.
as.double.fqvalueConvert an fqvalue object to a vector of fq-values
compare_qvalueCompare functional q-value to traditional q-values
constrained.binomialconstrained binomial family
estimate_fixed_pi0Estimate a constant functional proportion
estimate_fpi0Estimate the functional proportion
fixed_pi0_tableProvide estimates of the functional proportion at varying...
fqvalueEstimate functional q-value based on p-value and an...
kernelUnitIntervalEstimate a density on the unit interval or unit square via...
plot.fPi0Plot the estimated functional proportion
plot.fqvalueScatterplot comparing p-value to quantile of informative...
plot_MISEPlot demonstrating how the tuning parameter "lambda" is...
predict.fPi0Predict the functional proportion
print.fPi0Extract functional pi0 estimates.
print.fqvaluePrint an fqvalue object
reverseloglog_translog(-log(x)) transformation for a ggplot2 scale
simulate_fPi0_t_testssimulation of t-tests with functional proportion
simulate_t_testssimulate one-sample t-tests
summary.fqvalueOne row summary of an analysis by the fFDR methodology
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