Man pages for StoreyLab/trigger-devel
Transcriptional Regulatory Inference from Genetics of Gene ExpRession

plotGraphical Display of Trigger Analysis
trigger-buildFormat the input data and create an Trigger object
trigger-classA class to store and analyze data for Transcriptional...
trigger-eigenR2Estimate the proportion of genome-wide variation explained by...
trigger-export2crossExport Trigger data to R/qtl's cross class object
trigger-linkGenomewide eQTL analysis
trigger-loclinkEstimate local-linkage probability for each gene
trigger-mlinkMulti-Locus Linkage (Epistasis) Analysis
trigger-netNetwork-Trigger analysis
trigger-netPlot2psWrite the network from a trigger probability matrix to a...
trigger-traitTrait-trigger analysis
yeastA yeast data set for Transcriptional Regulation Inference...
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