Man pages for Swarchal/TISS
Titration Invariant Similarity Score

calculate_dCalculates a vector of KS values for each compound
construct_metadataConstructs metadata list to be used in functions
correlateCalculates correlation between vectors shifted by titrations.
euclid_disteuclidean distance between two vectors
ex_dataexample data
expand_grid_uniqueUnique combination of two vectors
get_compound_dataSubset compound data
get_negative_controlCreates dataframe of negative control featuredata
ks_colsSigned KS test across pairs of columns
ks_testSigned Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test
max_shiftFind the shift with the best correlation
max_trimConverts output from max_shift() to a shifted vector Trims a...
max_trim_singleConverts output from max_shift() to a shifted vector Trims a...
plot_trim_corplot results from trim_cor
scale_dZ-score normalises D-statistic vectors
similarity_dfsimilarity score
similarity_listsimilarity score
tissTitration invariant similarity score
trimTrim compound vectors
trim_corCalculates correlation of shifted vectors
trim_cor_Internal function used in correlate()
zscoreZ-score of KS values
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