Man pages for TasCL/ggdmc
Dynamic Model of Choice with Parallel Computation, and C++ Capabilities

acf.dmcPlot an Autocorrelation Matrix
censorCensor missing values and RT outliers
data.model.dmcBind Data and Models
ddmcCompute Probability Density of Drift-Diffusion Model
density.dmcCalculate Probability Density for an Experimental Condition
dpriorCalculate Prior Probability Density for an EAM
Dstats.ddmCalculate Dstats of DDM Density
dtnormTruncated Normal Distribution
effectiveSize.dmcEffective Sample Size for Estimating the Mean
fac2dfConvert factor levels to a data frame
gelman.diag.dmcGelman and Rubin Convergence Diagnostic
getAccumulatorMatrixMap a parameter vector to an accumulator matrix
get_osget_os Function
ggdmcSupersonic DMC
g_minusCalculate Drift-diffusion Probability Density an EAM with Multiple Participants
h.samples.dmcSet up a DMC Sample with Multiple Participants
h.simulate.dmcSimulate Choice-RT Data for Multiple Participants
initialise_dataSet up a DMC Sample for a Participant
initialise_hyperSet up a DMC Sample for Multiple Participants
likelihoodCalculate Log-Likelihood
mcmc.list.dmcCreate a mcmc.list in DMC format
model.dmcCreating a Model Object
pairs.dmcCreate a Plot Matrix of Posterior Simulations
p.df.dmcGets Parameter Data Frame Phi to a Theta Vector
pick.stuck.dmcFind Stuck Chains
plot_cell_densityPlot Distributions for Each Cell
plot_distPlot Cell Density
plot.dmcPlot DMC Samples
plot.dmc.listPlot a DMC Sample with Multiple Participants
plot.hyperPlot DMC Samples at the Hyper level
plot.pp.ggdmcPosterior Predictive Plot
plot_priorPlot Prior Probability Density
plot_priorsPlot Prior Probability Density
post.predict.ggdmcSimulate Post-predictive Sample
print_cell_pPrint accumulator x internal parameter type matrix for each...
prior.p.dmcMakes a list of prior distribution parameters.
profile.dmcProfile a DMC Object
rpriorGenerate Random Numbers from Prior Probability Distribution
run_dataRun a Bayesian EAM Model for Fixed-effect or Random-effect
run.dmcrun function
samples.dmcInitialising a DMC samples
simulate.dmcSimulate Responses from an EAM
summary.dmcSummarise a DMC Sample with One Participant
summary.dmc.listSummarise a DMC Sample with Multiple Participants
summary.hyperSummarise a DMC Sample with Multiple Participant at the...
summed_log_likelihoodSum and Log Probability Density of a EAM model
summed_log_priorSum and Log Prior Density of a EAM model Theta to a mcmc List
transformTransform Parameter Data Frame
viewInspect Prior Distribution Settings
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