Man pages for TheoMichelot/moveHMM
Animal Movement Modelling using Hidden Markov Models

allProbsMatrix of all probabilities
angleCIConfidence intervals for angle parameters
CIConfidence intervals
dexp_rcppExponential density function
dgamma_rcppGamma density function
dlnorm_rcppLog-normal density function
dvm_rcppVon Mises density function
dweibull_rcppWeibull density function
dwrpcauchy_rcppWrapped Cauchy density function
elk_dataElk data set from Morales et al. (2004, Ecology)
exampleExample dataset
exGenExample data simulation
fitHMMFit an HMM to the data
is.moveDataIs moveData
is.moveHMMIs moveHMM
logAlphaForward log-probabilities
logBetaBackward log-probabilities
moveDataConstructor of 'moveData' objects
moveHMMConstructor of 'moveHMM' objects
n2wScaling function: natural to working parameters.
nLogLikeNegative log-likelihood function
nLogLike_rcppNegative log-likelihood
parDefParameters definition
plot.moveDataPlot 'moveData'
plot.moveHMMPlot 'moveHMM'
plotPRPlot pseudo-residuals
plotSatPlot observations on satellite image
plotStatesPlot states
plotStationaryPlot stationary state probabilities
prepDataPreprocessing of the tracking data
print.moveHMMPrint 'moveHMM'
simDataSimulation tool
stateProbsState probabilities
stationaryStationary state probabilities
summary.moveDataSummary 'moveData'
trMatrix_rcppTransition probability matrix
turnAngleTurning angle
viterbiViterbi algorithm
w2nScaling function: working to natural parameters
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