Man pages for TiagoOlivoto/WAASB
Multi Environment Trials Analysis

AMMI_indexesAMMI-based stability indexes
AnnicchiaricoAnnicchiarico's genotypic confidence index
anova_indWithin-environment analysis of variance
as.lpcorCoerce to an object of class lpcor
as.split_factorsCoerce to an object of class split_factors
autoplot.waasSeveral types of residual plots
autoplot.WAAS.AMMI-deprecatedSeveral types of residual plots
autoplot.WAASBSeveral types of residual plots
bind_cvBind cross-validation objects
can_corrCanonical correlation analysis
clusteringClustering analysis
colindiagCollinearity Diagnostics
comb_varsPairwise combinations of variables
corr_ciConfidence interval for correlation coefficient
corr_plotVisualization of a correlation matrix
corr_ssSample size planning for a desired Pearson's correlation...
covcor_designVariance-covariance matrices for designed experiments
cv_ammiCross-validation procedure
cv_ammifCross-validation procedure
cv_blupCross-validation procedure
data_geData for examples
data_ge2Data for examples
ecovalenceStability analysis based on Wricke's model
fai_blupMulti-trait selection index
find_outliersFind possible outliers in a dataset
ge_factanalStability analysis and environment estratification
ge_plotGraphical analysis of genotype-vs-environment interaction
ge_regEberhart and Russell's regression model
ge_statsStatistics for genotype-vs-environment interaction
ggeProduces genotype plus genotype-by-environment model
int.effectsData for examples
is.lpcorCoerce to an object of class lpcor
is.split_factorsCheck if an object is of class split_factors
lpcorLinear and Partial Correlation Coefficients
mahalaMahalanobis Distance
mahala_designMahalanobis distance using data from a designed experiment
make_matMake a two-way table
make_symMake a symmetric matrix on a triangular matrix
meansGxEData for examples
metan-deprecatedDeprecated functions in package 'metan'.
metan-packageMulti-Environment Trial Analysis
mtsiMulti-trait stability index
pairs_mantelMantel test for a set of correlation matrices
path_coeffPath coefficients with minimal multicollinearity
performs_ammiAdditive Main effects and Multiplicative Interaction
plot_blupPlot the BLUPs for genotypes
plot_ciPlot the confidence interval for correlation
plot.clusteringPlot an object of class clustering
plot.cv_ammifPlot the RMSPD of a cross-validation procedure
plot_eigenPlot the eigenvalues
plot_factbarsFast way to create a bar plot
plot_factlinesFast way to create a line plot
plot.fai_blupMulti-trait selection index
plot.ge_factanalPlot the ge_factanal model
plot.ge_regPlot an object of class ge_reg
plot.ggeCreate GGE biplots
plot_linesFast way to create a line plot
plot.mtsiPlot the multi-trait stability index
plot.resp_surfPlot the response surface model
plot_scoresPlot scores in different graphical interpretations
plot_waasbyPlot WAASBY values for genotype ranking
plot.wsmpPlot heat maps with genotype ranking
predict.ggePredict a two-way table based on GGE model
predict.waasPredict the means of a waas object
rbind_fillCombining data.frames by row, filling missing values
rescaRescale a variable to have specified minimum and maximum...
resende_indexesStability indexes based on a mixed-effect model
resp_surfResponse surface model
solve_svdPseudoinverse of a square matrix
split_factorsSplit a data frame by factors
summary.AnnicchiaricoSummary an Annicchiarico object
summary.can_corSummarise an object of class can_cor
summary.ge_factanalSummary a ge_factanal object
summary.ge_regSummary a ge_reg object
summary.ge_statsSummary a ge_stats object
summary.mtsiSummarise a mtsi object
summary.path_coeffSummarize an object generated by the function 'path_coeff()'
summary.superioritySummary a superiority object
summary.waasSummarise a waas object
summary.WAASBSummary a waasb object
superiorityLin e Binns' superiority index
theme_waasbA personalized theme for ggplot2-based graphics
waasWeighted Average of Absolute Scores
WAAS.AMMI-deprecatedWeighted Average of Absolute Scores
WAASBWeighted Average of Absolute Scores
WAASBYratio-deprecatedDifferent scenarios of stability and mean performance
WAASratio.AMMI-deprecatedPlot heat maps with genotype ranking
wsmpWeighting between stability and mean performance
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