Man pages for TianshuFeng/SemiMapper
Semi-supervised Mapper and Visualization

auto_set_colorcodeCreate color codes for groups.
check_color_codeCheck the validation of a color code dataframe
chicken_generatorChicken foot simulation data generator
color_mapAssign color codes to samples
color_map_SpectralSpectral color map function
filter_coordinateCoordinate projection filter
filter_dtmDistance to measure filter
filter_eccenEccentricity filter
filter_evaluateEvaluate filter functions
filter_gaussianGaussian density filter
filter_LinfL-infinity filter
filter_nameWhich filter function produces the filter?
filter_pcaPCA filter
filter_refReference distance filter
legend_nodeAdd legends to the generated graph
mapperEdgesmapperEdges function
mapper.kmeansMapper function with multiple cluster methods
mapper_shannon_indexShannon index for Mapper
mapperVerticesmapperVertices function
network_visualizationGenerate graphs from results of Mapper
null_removerRemove NULL nodes in the graph
pareto_optFind the pareto frontier
print.filterPrint filter function name
print.Pareto_frontierPrint Pareto frontier
read_color_codeRead color codes from a given file
simple_visNetSimple graphs generation
spread_measureSpread measure function
stat_summeryCreate statistics summary of nodes
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