Man pages for TimeWz667/SimHE
A simulation tool for health evaluation modelling

ceaSimulate model with multiple input.
check.parametersCheck the values of parameters print the ill-defined...
ddmExtract information in model definition script.
DetMCDeterministic Markov Chain Model create a deterministic...
gotoSimulate forward one unit
helloHello, World!
IBMIndividual-Based Model (microsimulation) create an individual...
make.parametersParameter table maker
observeMake observations of dynamic model
ODEOrdinary differential equation Model create an ODE model....
simHESimulate observations from dynamic model
simMultiHESimulate model with multiple input.
StoMCStochastic Markov Chain Model create a Stochastic Markov...
summarise.CESummarise cost and qol with time preference
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