The faodoc package includes a set of R Markdown templates that enable authoring of R related publications commonly produced within FAO. Available templates include:

Using faodoc from RStudio

To use faodoc from RStudio:

1) Install the latest RStudio.

2) Install the faodoc package:


3) Use the New R Markdown dialog to create an article from one of the templates:

New R Markdown

Using faodoc outside of RStudio

1) Install pandoc using the instructions for your platform.

2) Install the rmarkdown and faodoc packages:

devtools::install_github(c("rstudio/rmarkdown", "UNFAOstatistics/faodoc"))

3) Use the rmarkdown::draft function to create articles:

rmarkdown::draft("MyAbstract.Rmd", template = "fao_plain", package = "faodoc")

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