Man pages for UNFAOstatistics/faodoc
document templates for Rmarkdown for Food and Agriculture Oraganisation of United Nations

default_output_formatDetermine the default output format for an R Markdown...
fao_slidesConvert to a Beamer presentation
html_documentConvert to an HTML document
includesInclude content within output
knitr_optionsKnitr options for an output format
knitr_options_htmlKnitr options for an HTML output format
knitr_options_pdfKnitr options for a PDF output format
output_formatDefine an R Markdown output format
pandoc_argsFunctions for generating pandoc command line arguments
pandoc_availableCheck pandoc availabilty and version
pandoc_convertConvert a document with pandoc
pandoc_optionsPandoc options for an output format
pandoc_path_argTransform path for passing to pandoc
pandoc_self_contained_htmlCreate a self-contained HTML document using pandoc.
pandoc_templateRender a pandoc template.
pdf_documentConvert to a PDF document
rmarkdown_formatR Markdown input format definition
template_pandocRender a pandoc template.
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