Man pages for USCbiostats/aphylo
Statistical Inference of Annotated Phylogenetic Trees

aphyloStatistical Inference in Annotated Phylogenetic Trees
aphylo-classAnnotated Phylogenetic Tree
aphylo_estimates-classParameter estimation of Annotated Phylogenetic Trees
aphylo-methodsPlot and print methods for 'aphylo' objects
approx_geodesicApproximation of Geodesic distances using Matrix Powers
as.phyloExtensions to the 'as.phylo' function
fakeexperimentFake Experimental Data
faketreeFake Phylogenetic Tree
list_offspringList each nodes' offspring
LogLikeComputes Log-likelihood
panther-treeReads PANTHER db trees
plot.aphylo_prediction_scoreVisualize predictions
plot_LogLikePlot LogLikelihood function of experimental data
posterior-probabilitiesPosterior probabilities based on parameter estimates
rdrop_annotationsRandomly drop leaf annotations
sim_annotated_treeSimulation of Annotated Phylogenetic Trees
sim_fun_on_treeSimulate functions on a ginven tree
sim_treeRandom tree generation
statesMatrix of states
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