Man pages for USEPA/CoralBCG
Quantitative Rules for the Coral Biological Condition Gradient

convData frame of coral size conversion factors
crl_demData frame of coral demographic data
est_3dEstimate 3d surface area of a coral colony,
get_acrorbGet dominance of acropora/orbicella genera
get_col_szGet colony size distributions
get_lcsaPercent live coral at all stations
get_lrg_mortGet mortality of large reef building genera
get_rel_abuCoral relative abundance
get_sickGet proportion of individuals at a station that are diseased...
get_sr_divDiversity of sensitive and rare species
get_stony_metsGet stony coral metrics
get_tot_divGet total alpha diversity
met_crvsGet probability distribution curves
met_distGet distribution estimates
met_levsGet estimated BCG levels
plot_fuzzPlot fuzzy metrics
split_metsSplit metrics
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