Man pages for USGS-R/GcClust
Clustering geochemical data with HMC sampling

backTransformBack transform to the simplex
calcCondProbs1Calculate conditional probabilities
calcObsTestStatsCalculate observed test statistics for model checking
calcSimplexStatsCalculate sample statistics pertinent to the simplex
CoGeochemDataColorado geochemical data
combineChainsCombine selected chains
plotClustersPlot the field samples as clusters
plotCompMeansPlot compositional means
plotEdaCorrPlot the correlations among the principal components
plotEdaDistPlot the principal component distributions
plotEdaVarPlot the scree plot
plotPointStatsPlot point statistics for each chain
plotSelectedTracesPlot selected traces
plotSqrtVarMatricesPlot the combined, scaled variation matrices
plotTCorrPlot test statistics for the correlation matrices
plotTMeanSdPlot test statistics for the mean and standard deviation...
plotTransCompMeansPlot translated compositional means
sampleFmmSample the posterior pdf
splitGcDataSplit the geochemical data
transformGcDataTransform the geochemical data
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