Man pages for USGS-R/inlmisc
Miscellaneous Functions for the USGS INL Project Office

AddColorKeyAdd Color Key to Plot
AddGradientLegendAdd Color Gradient Legend to Plot
AddInsetMapAdd Inset Map to Plot
AddNorthArrowAdd North Arrow to Plot
AddPointsAdd Points to Plot
AddScaleBarAdd Scale Bar to Plot
AddWebMapElementsAdd Elements to Web Map
BumpDisconnectCellsAdjust Vertically Disconnected Cells
BumpRiverStageAdjust Implausible River Stage
CreateWebMapCreate a Web Map Using TNM Services
DeprecatedDeprecated Functions in the inlmisc Package
EncodeChromosomeEncode and Decode an Integer Chromosome
ExportRasterStackExport a Raster Stack
ExtractAlongTransectExtract Raster Values Along a Transect Line
FindOptimalSubsetFind Optimal Subset Using a GA
FormatPvalFormat P Values
GetColorsGet Palette Colors
GetDaysInMonthGet Number of Days in a Year and Month
GetInsetLocationGet Location for Inset in Plot
GetRegionOfInterestGet Region of Interest
Grid2PolygonsConvert Spatial Grids to Polygons
IsPackageInstalledCheck whether Package is Installed
MoveMidpointMove Midpoint of Color Scheme
PlotCrossSectionPlot Cross Section
PlotGraphPlot Graph
PlotMapPlot Map
POSIXct2CharacterConvert from POSIXct to Character
PrintFigurePrint as LaTeX Figure
PrintTablePrint as LaTeX Table
ReadCodeChunksRead Knitr Code Chunks
ReadModflowBinaryRead MODFLOW Binary File
RecreateLibraryRecreate R Library
ReplaceInTemplateReplace Values in a Template Text
RmSmallCellChunksRemove Small Cell Chunks
SetPolygonsOverlay Multi-Polygon Objects
SummariseBudgetSummarize MODFLOW Water Budget
ToScientificFormat for Scientific Notation
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