Man pages for USGS-R/powstreams

explore_mapExplore powstreams site metadata on a map
explore_modelExplore powstreams metabolism models with graphs
explore_timeseriesExplore powstreams timeseries data on graphs
export_dataExport data to a local text file
get_configDownload and read a config file from a metab run on SB
get_metaGet metadata (site data) from ScienceBase
get_metab_modelLoad one or more metab_model objects into R
get_meta_metadataGet information about site (meta) variables
get_numeric_meta_columnsFind which metadata columns are numeric.
get_site_infoGet a very basic summary of a site
get_tsBring one or more timeseries into R and merge them
get_ts_metadataGet information about timeseries variables and sources
list_metab_modelsList the available metab_model objects
list_metab_run_filesList the files stored in a metabolism runs
list_metab_runsList the available metabolism runs
list_sitesGet a list of the sites on ScienceBase
list_tsesList the timeseries data available for a particular site
locate_folderFind a high-level folder on ScienceBase
locate_metaFind a metadata object on ScienceBase
locate_metab_modelFind a metab_model item on ScienceBase
locate_metab_runFind a metab_run item on ScienceBase
locate_siteFind a site folder on ScienceBase
locate_tsFind a timeseries item on ScienceBase
login_sbLog into ScienceBase with your myUSGS credentials
powstreamsHigh-level functions for accessing the Continental Stream...
search_metab_modelsSearch the metab_models
search_metab_runsSearch the metab_runs
search_sitesSearch the sites
search_ts_metadataSearch information about timeseries variables and sources
summarize_tsSummarize a timeseries
upload_presentationupload a presentation to sciencebase
upload_publicationUpload a publication to sciencebase
view_fileOpen a file
view_folderOpen a folder or a file's folder
view_google_mapGet, and by default browse to, a URL to the site location on...
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