Man pages for USGS-R/smwrBase
Functions to import and manipulate hydrologic data

Arith-timeDayArithmetic Operators for 'timeDay' objects
as.character.timeDayCharacter Vector Frames
as.timeDayMethods for Function 'as.timeDay'
baseDayBase Day
baseDay2decimalBase Day
boxCoxBox-Cox Power Transform
coalesceReplace missing values
conc2meqConcentrations to Milliequivalents
conc.meqSpecial Data
c.timeDayConcatenate Data
daysInMonthDays in a Month
dectimeDecimal Time
dectime2DateDate Conversion
dms2ddDecimal Degrees
eventProcessingEvent Processing
eventSeriesRegular Series
exportCSVExport Data
exportRDBExport Data
fillMissingFill Missing Values
format.timeDayEncode in a Common Format
fourierFourier Series Components
group2rowRestructure Data
hyperbolicHyperbolic transform
hysteresisCompute Hysteresis
importCSVImport Files
importRDBImport Files
insertMissingInsert Missing Data
isLikeTest whether an object can be treated in a particular way Values
length.timeDayLength of an Object
LogPearsonIIILog-Pearson Type III distribution
makepredictcallUtility Function for Safe Prediction
Math-timeDayMathematical Functions for 'timeDay' objects
mergeNearestMerge Datasets
mergeQMerge Flow into another Dataset
moreDisplay Data
movingAveMoving Averages
movingDiffMoving Differences
na2missRecode Data
peaksFind Local Maxima
PearsonIIIPearson Type III distribution
pickConditional Element Selection
print.timeDayPrint an Object
quadraticLinear and Quadratic Terms
readListImport Data
recodeRecode Data
regularSeriesRegular Series
scaleRngScale Data
screenDataScreen Data for Completeness
sCurveS-Curve Transform
seasonsSeasonal Categories
seqCollapseCollapse a Sequence
setFileTypeFile or Object Name
setTZSet Time Zone
shiftDataShift Data
show-methodsMethods for Function 'show' for Time-of-Day Objects
smwrBase-packageData import, export and manipulation functions
sumCompositionPercentage Composition
timeDay-classTime of Day
untableContingency Table
waterYearWater Year
whichRowColIdentify Rows and Columns
zcnPartial Value Matching
zsubset.timeDayExtract Parts of an Object
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