Man pages for USGS-R/toxEval
ToxCast Evaluations

create_toxEvalLoad and check toxEval data
endpoint_hits_DTRank endpoints by category
end_point_infoEndpoint information from ToxCast
explore_endpointsExplore data in the Shiny Application
filter_groupsFilter endPoints based on groups and assays.
get_ACCGet the ACC values for a selection of chemicals
get_chemical_summaryCompute EAR values from measured concentrations and ACC...
hits_by_groupings_DTBiological hits per category
hits_summary_DTSummary of hits per site/category
make_tox_mapCreate an interactive map of the data
plot_tox_boxplotsGrouped Boxplots
plot_tox_endpointsEndPoint boxplots
plot_tox_heatmapPlot EAR heat maps
plot_tox_stacksPlot stacked bar charts
rank_sites_DTRank sites by EAR
remove_flagsRemove endpoints with specific data quality flags from data
summary.toxEvalSummary of tox_list
ToxCast_ACCACC values included with toxEval.
tox_chemicalsToxCast Chemical Information
toxEval-packageAnalyze ToxCast data in relation to measured concentrations.
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