absval.iwres.vs.idv: absolute value of the individual weighted residuals vs. the...

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absolute value of the individual weighted residuals vs. the independent variable


absval.iwres.vs.idv(object, ylb = "|iWRES|", smooth = TRUE, idsdir = "up",
  type = "p", ...)



An "xpose.data" object.


A string giving the label for the y-axis. NULL if none.


A NULL value indicates that no superposed line should be added to the graph. If TRUE then a smooth of the data will be superimposed.


a string indicating the directions of the extremes to include in labelling. Possible values are "up", "down" and "both".


1-character string giving the type of plot desired. The following values are possible, for details, see 'plot': '"p"' for points, '"l"' for lines, '"o"' for over-plotted points and lines, '"b"', '"c"') for (empty if '"c"') points joined by lines, '"s"' and '"S"' for stair steps and '"h"' for histogram-like vertical lines. Finally, '"n"' does not produce any points or lines.


Other arguments passed to xpose.panel.default.


A lattice object

See Also

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