Man pages for UW-GAC/GENESIS
GENetic EStimation and Inference in Structured samples (GENESIS): Statistical methods for analyzing genetic data from samples with population structure and/or relatedness

assocTestAggregateAggregate Association Testing
assocTestSingleGenotype Association Testing with Mixed Models
computeVSIFComputes variant-specific inflation factors
defunctDefunct functions in package 'GENESIS'
effectAlleleReturn the effect allele for association testing
fitNullModelFit a Model Under the Null Hypothesis
GENESIS-packageGENetic EStimation and Inference in Structured samples...
HapMap_ASW_MXL_KINGmatMatrix of Pairwise Kinship Coefficient Estimates for the...
jointScoreTestPerform a joint score test
kin2gdsStore kinship matrix in GDS
kingToMatrixConvert KING text output to an R Matrix
makeSparseMatrixMake a sparse matrix from a dense matrix or a table of...
pcairPC-AiR: Principal Components Analysis in Related Samples
pcairPartitionPartition a sample into an ancestry representative 'unrelated...
pcrelatePC-Relate: Model-Free Estimation of Recent Genetic...
pcrelateToMatrixCreates a Genetic Relationship Matrix (GRM) of Pairwise...
plot.pcairPC-AiR: Plotting PCs
print.pcairPC-AiR: Principal Components Analysis in Related Samples
sample_annotation_1KGAnnotation for 1000 genomes Phase 3 samples
varCompCIVariance Component Confidence Intervals
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