Man pages for VNyaga/CopulaDTA
Copula Based Bivariate Beta-Binomial Model for Diagnostic Test Accuracy Studies

ascusASCUS dataset
cdtafit-classClass cdtafit
cdtamodelSpecify the copula based bivariate beta-binomial distribution...
cdtamodel-classClass cdtamodel
fitA function to fit the model.
fit.cdtamodelFit copula based bivariate beta-binomial distribution to...
forestplot.cdtafitProduce forest plots for categorical covariates.
ftCompute transform omega to ktau.
plotA function to produce forest plots.
prep.dataPrepare the data
print.cdtafitPrint a summary of the fitted model.
showA function to print the model.
summary.cdtafitFunction to generate a summary a cdtafit object.
telomeraseTelomerase dataset
traceplotA function to produce traceplots.
traceplot.cdtafitTrace plot using ggplot2.
waicCompute log pointwise predictive density, effective number of...
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