Man pages for Vintonm49/ytcol
Collection and Cleaning of YouTube Data

dataframeFromJSONCreate a dataframe from JSON
getVideoDetailsDFGet details for a video on YouTube
getVideoStatsDFGet statistics for a video on YouTube
helloHello, World!
pasteNAPaste Columns in a Dataframe and Suppress NAs
yt.AllChannelVideosGet list of videos from a YouTube Channel
yt.ChannelCommentsGet Comments from All Videos on a Channel
yt_checkRequest Response Verification.
yt_check_tokenCheck for Authenitication Token in Options.
yt.CommentsOverTimeGraphs of Comments on a Video Over Time
yt_GETBase GET function.
yt.GetChannelIDGet YouTube Channel ID from Vanity or Legacy Name
yt.GetCommentReplyGet Function for Collecting Comment Replies from a YouTube...
yt.GetCommentsUnderlying Function to Get Comments on a Video on YouTube
yt.GetRelatedGet Function for Collecting Related Videos from a YouTube...
yt.GetSearchUnderlying GET Function for Search
yt.NetworkNetwork Diagram for Comments on Related Videos
yt.oauthAuthentication to YouTube
yt.relatedGet Related Videos
yt.RelatedVideoCommentsGet the Comments from Related Videos
yt.searchSearch YouTube for a key term with a date range
yt.SimpleVideoCommentsUtility for Getting Video Comments
yt.singleVideoInfoGet Statistics and Details for a Single Video on YouTube
yt.VideoCommentsGet Comments on a Video on YouTube
yt.WordcloudWordcloud of Comments from YouTube
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