yt.CommentsOverTime: Graphs of Comments on a Video Over Time

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This function produces two charts related to the temporal distribution of comments on a video over time. The input to the function is the dataframe from the yt.VideoComments() function. The first chart is a daily representation of number of comments each day, starting with the date of the first comment and ending on the date of the most recent comment. The second chart is the cumulative number of comments on the video over time.


yt.CommentsOverTime(videoComments = NULL, note = "", breakBy = "day")



Dataframe object created with the yt.VideoComments() function. Must have the variables "author_display_name" and "dateTime".


Character. A note to put on the chart, such as the video ID or some other reference.


Character. Set the breaks in the date sequence on the x-axis. Takes one of five values: 'day','week','month','quarter','year'


Plots two charts, a histogram showing comment density over time and a cumulative line for total comments over time.

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