Man pages for Wenchao-Ma/GDINA
The Generalized DINA Model Framework

attributepatternGenerate all possible attribute patterns
att.structureGenerate hierarchical attribute structures
autoGDINAQ-matrix validation, model selection and calibration in one...
bdiagMatrixCreate a block diagonal matrix
bootSECalculating standard errors and variance-covariance matrix...
CACalculate classification accuracy
cjointCombine R Objects by Columns
ClassRateClassification Rate Evaluation
designmatrixGenerate design matrix
difDifferential item functioning for cognitive diagnosis models
DTMExperimental function for diagnostic multiple-strategy CDMs
ecpeExamination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English...
extractextract elements from objects of various classes
frac20Tatsuoka's fraction subtraction data
GDINACDM calibration under the G-DINA model framework
GDINA-packageThe Generalized DINA Model Framework
GMSCDMEstimating multiple-strategy cognitive diagnosis models
ILCAIterative latent-class analysis
indlogLikExtract log-likelihood for each individual
indlogPostExtract log posterior for each individual
itemfitItem fit statistics
itemparmextract item parameters (deprecated)
LC2LGTransformation between latent classes and latent groups
MCmodelMultiple-choice models
modelcompItem-level model comparison using Wald, LR or LM tests
modelfitModel fit statistics
monocheckThis function checks if monotonicity is violated
nparCalculate the number of parameters
personparmcalculate person (incidental) parameters
plot.GDINACreate plots for GDINA estimates
plot.itemfitItem fit plots
plot.QvalMesa plot for Q-matrix validation
QvalQ-matrix validation
rowMatchCount the frequency of a row vector in a data frame
scoreScore function
sim10GDINASimulated data (10 items, G-DINA model)
sim10MCDINASimulated data (10 items, MC-DINA model)
sim10MCDINA2Simulated data (10 items, MC-DINA model)
sim20seqGDINASimulated data (20 items, sequential G-DINA model)
sim21seqDINASimulated data (21 items, sequential DINA model)
sim30DINASimulated data (30 items, DINA model)
sim30GDINASimulated data (30 items, G-DINA model)
sim30pGDINASimulated data (30 items, polytomous G-DINA model)
simDTMSimulating data for diagnostic tree model
simGDINAData simulation based on the G-DINA models
startGDINAGraphical user interface of the GDINA function
unique_onlyUnique values in a vector
unrestrQGenerate unrestricted Qc matrix from an restricted Qc matrix
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