Man pages for WinVector/wrapr
Wrap R Tools for Debugging and Parametric Programming

add_name_columnAdd list name as a column to a list of data.frames.
apply_leftS3 dispatch on class of pipe_left_arg.
apply_left.defaultS3 dispatch on class of pipe_left_arg.
apply_rightS3 dispatch on class of pipe_right_argument.
apply_right.defaultDefault apply_right implementation.
apply_right_S4S4 dispatch method for apply_right.
bquote_callTreat ... call argument as bquoted-values.
bquote_call_argsTreat ... argument as bquoted-values.
bquote_functionAdapt a function to use bquote on its arguments.
build_frameBuild a data.frame from the user's description.
buildNameCallbackBuild a custom writeback function that writes state into a...
coalesceCoalesce values (NULL/NA on left replaced by values on the...
DebugFnCapture arguments of exception throwing function call for...
DebugFnECapture arguments and environment of exception throwing...
DebugFnWWrap a function for debugging.
DebugFnWEWrap function to capture arguments and environment of...
DebugPrintFnCapture arguments of exception throwing function call for...
DebugPrintFnECapture arguments and environment of exception throwing...
defineLambdaDefine lambda function building function.
dot_arrowPipe operator ("dot arrow", "dot pipe" or "dot arrow pipe").
draw_frameRender a simple data.frame in build_frame format.
execute_parallelExecute f in parallel partitioned by partition_column.
grapes-in_block-grapesInline let-block notation.
grepdfGrep for column names from a 'data.frame'
grepvReturn a vector of matches.
invert_permInvert a permutation.
lambdaBuild an anonymous function.
lapplymMemoizing wrapper for lapply.
letExecute expr with name substitutions specified in alias.
makeFunction_seBuild an anonymous function.
mapsymsMap symbol names to referenced values if those values are...
map_to_charformat a map.
map_upperMap up-cased symbol names to referenced values if those...
match_orderMatch one order to another.
mk_formulaConstruct a formula.
mk_tmp_name_sourceProduce a temp name generator with a given prefix.
named_map_builderNamed map builder.
ordervOrder by a list of vectors.
parLapplyLBmMemoizing wrapper for parLapplyLB
partition_tablesPartition as set of tables into a list.
pipe_implPipe dispatch implementation.
psaggPseudo aggregator.
qaeQuote assignment expressions (name = expr, name := expr, name...
qcQuoting version of c() array concatenate.
qchar_frameBuild a quoted data.frame.
qeQuote expressions.
qsQuote argument as a string.
reduceexpandUse function to reduce or expand arguments.
restrictToNameAssignmentsRestrict an alias mapping list to things that look like name...
returnCaptureReturn an error to a file, environment (no names) or callback
sortvSort a data.frame.
stop_if_dot_argsStop with message if dot_args is a non-trivial list.
uniquesStrict version of unique (without ...).
vapplymMemoizing wrapper for vapply.
VectorizeMMemoizing wrapper to base::Vectorize()
viewInvoke a spreadsheet like viewer when appropriate.
wrapr'wrapr': Wrap R Functions for Debugging and Parametric...
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