Man pages for YTLogos/ggpubr
'ggplot2' Based Publication Ready Plots

add_summaryAdd Summary Statistics onto a ggplot.
annotate_figureAnnotate Arranged Figure
as_ggplotStoring grid.arrange() arrangeGrob() and plots
axis_scaleChange Axis Scale: log2, log10 and more
background_imageAdd Background Image to ggplot2
bgcolorChange ggplot Panel Background Color
borderSet ggplot Panel Border Line
compare_meansComparison of Means
desc_statbyDescriptive statistics by groups
diff_expressDifferential gene expression analysis results
facetFacet a ggplot into Multiple Panels
fontChange the Appearance of Titles and Axis Labels
gene_citationGene Citation Index
geom_execExecute ggplot2 functions
get_legendExtract Legends from a ggplot object
get_paletteGenerate Color Palettes
ggaddAdd Summary Statistics or a Geom onto a ggplot
ggarrangeArrange Multiple ggplots
ggbarplotBar plot
ggboxplotBox plot
ggdensityDensity plot
ggdotchartCleveland's Dot Plots
ggdotplotDot plot
ggecdfEmpirical cumulative density function
ggerrorplotVisualizing Error
ggexportExport ggplots
gghistogramHistogram plot
gglineLine plot
ggmaplotMA-plot from means and log fold changes
ggpairedPlot Paired Data
ggparGraphical parameters
ggparagraphDraw a Paragraph of Text
ggpiePie chart
ggpubr_argsggpubr General Arguments Description
ggqqplotQQ Plots
ggscatterScatter plot
ggtexttableDraw a Textual Table
ggviolinViolin plot
gradient_colorSet Gradient Color
gridsAdd Grids to a ggplot
rotateRotate a ggplot Horizontally
rotate_axis_textRotate Axes Text
rremoveRemove a ggplot Component
set_paletteSet Color Palette
show_line_typesLine types available in R
show_point_shapesPoint shapes available in R
stat_chullPlot convex hull of a set of points
stat_compare_meansAdd Mean Comparison P-values to a ggplot
stat_conf_ellipsePlot confidence ellipses.
stat_corAdd Correlation Coefficients with P-values to a Scatter Plot
stat_meanDraw group mean points
stat_starsAdd Stars to a Scatter Plot
text_grobCreate a Text Graphical object
theme_pubrPublication ready theme
theme_transparentCreate a ggplot with Transparent Background
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