Man pages for Yaroslav-Lyutvinskiy/MZAccessR
R Interface to mzAccess Web-API

FileListGet list of avialable files
GetAreaGet LC-MS Area signals
GetAreaArrayGet Array of LC-MS Area signals
GetAvgSpectrumGet averaged spectrum
GetChromatogramGet XIC Chromatogram
GetChromatogramArrayGet Array of XIC Chromatogram
GetFragmentationEventsGet data frame of fragmentation events in requested LC-MS...
GetMZRangeGet mass range for spectra in file
GetRTFromScanNumberGet retention time for scan number
GetRTRangeGet retention time range for spectra in file
GetScanNumberFromRTGet scan number for retention time
GetSpectrumArrayGet Array of averaged spectra
GetSpectrumbyRTGet spectrum for RT
GetSpectrumbyScanNumberGet spectrum for scan number
GetTotalGet total in certain LC-MS area.
GetTotalArrayGet Array of Totals for given LC-MS areas.
SetupServerSetup for Web-server
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