Man pages for ZhenWei10/RbashGEO
GEO raw data processing in bash.

Check_hisat2_reportsCheck the hisat2 reports under the curent working directory.
Chunk_submitsubmit bash commands by user defined number of chunks
Coldata_exampleThe example Coldata data.frame
Count_from_coldataA highly compact but easy to use function to count based on...
Count_SRRsCount data and save the result
Rhisat2Generate hisat2 command in R
Rnohupsubmit a bash commands into the qsub...
Rsamtools_viewSamtools views in R to filter multiple alignments
Rtrim_galoregenerate a command for trim_galore in R
WgetQCRetrive data from GEO, and run a fastqc
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