Man pages for ZytoHMGU/CFAssay
Statistical analysis for the Colony Formation Assay

cellsurvLQdiffComparison of two linear-quadratic cell survival curves
cellsurvLQfitFit the linear-quadratic (LQ) model to cell survival data
cfa2wayTwo-way analysis for cell survival data
pesCalculation of plating efficiencies from a curve data set...
plot.cellsurvLQfitPlot of an LQ model fit
plotExpGeneric plotting of experimental repeats
plotExp.cellsurvLQfitDiagnostic plots of LQ model versus experiments
plotExp.cfa2wayDiagnostic plot of experimental replicates for two-way...
plotExp.defaultDefault function for plotting of experimental repeats
print.cellsurvLQdiffPrint test results of comparison of two linear-quadratic cell...
print.cellsurvLQfitPrint summary of an LQ-model fit for cell survival data
print.cfa2wayPrint summary of two-way analysis for cell survival data.
sfpmeanPointwise mean survival fractions for curves with several...
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