Man pages for aallignol/mvna
Nelson-Aalen estimator of the cumulative hazard in multistate models

abortionPregnancies exposed to coumarin derivatives
lines.mvnaLines method for 'mvna' objects
msmplotCombined plot of the multistate model and the cumulative...
mvnaNelson-Aalen estimator in multistate models
plot.mvnaPlot method for a mvna object
predict.mvnaCalculates Nelson-Aalen estimates at specified time-points
print.mvnaPrint method for 'mvna' object
sir.admPneumonia on admission in intenive care unit patients
sir.contVentilation status in intensive care unit patients
summary.mvnaSummary method for objects of class 'mvna'
xyplot.mvnaPanel plots for object of class 'mvna'
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