Man pages for aamangold/wriker
Wrike Project Management API Wrapper for R

authenticateAuthenticate your machine with Wrike identifiers
create_wrike_task_commentCreate comment on Wrike task
get_wrike_commentsGet all comments in the past 7 days
get_wrike_task_commentGet comments on Wrike task
pipePipe operator
wrike_account_dataWrike Account Information
wrike_account_idWrike Account ID
wrike_custom_field_existsWrike Custom Field Use by Folder
wrike_custom_field_on_taskWrike Custom Field Use by Task Id
wrike_custom_field_updateWrike Custom Field Update
wrike_custom_field_urlWrike Custom Field URL
wrike_folder_idWrike Folders IDs
wrike_foldersWrike Folders
wrike_folder_treeWrike Folder Tree
wrike_get_commentsGet Wrike Comments from folder
wriker-packagewriker: Wrike Project Management API Wrapper for R
wrike_task_dataWrike Tasks by ID
wrike_tasksWrike Tasks
wrike_url_comment_postCreate simple comment on Wrike task
wrike_workflowsWrike Workflows
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