Man pages for aappling-usgs/scipiper
Support functions for ushering data through a scientific workflow

as_data_fileReturn the data file name corresponding to the given...
as_ind_fileReturns the indicator name corresponding to the given data...
create_task_makefileCreate a .yml makefile for a multi-task job
create_task_planDefine a set of tasks and steps within a single job
create_task_stepCreate an object that defines a step within a task
create_task_tableConvert a task_plan into a status table
evaluate_step_elementEvaluate a step element into simple strings
find_local_filedecide whether local_source is an indicator or data file and...
gd_configCreate or overwrite a Google Drive configuration file
gd_confirm_postedCheck whether a file is on Google Drive, and if so, write an...
gd_getDownload a file from Google Drive if needed
gd_listList the Google Drive objects for this project
gd_putUpload a file to Google Drive
get_mangled_keyConvert keys into mangled keys as used in the .remake storr
get_remake_statusProduce a table describing the remake build status relative...
hash_dependenciesHash the depends objects of a target
hash_targetsCreate a vector of hashes corresponding to a vector of...
is_ind_fileDetermine whether target_names are indicator files
list_all_targetsGet a list of all targets in a remake file
loop_tasksBuild a job target by looping over the tasks and steps in a...
optionsScipiper session options
RDSify_build_statusCopy info from build/status to .remake/objects
require_libsEnsure the listed libraries are available
retry_patientlyEvaluate an expression with retries, waiting between tries
s3_configCreate or overwrite an S3 configuration file
s3_confirm_postedCheck whether a file is on S3, and if so, write an indicator...
s3_getDownload a file from S3
s3_putUpload a file to S3
scdelWrapper for remake::delete that permits cache sharing
sc_indicateCreate an indicator file
scipiperScipiper package: Streamlining scientific data analysis...
scmakeWrapper for remake::make that permits cache sharing
sc_retrieveRetrieve the data file declared by an indicator
setup_dirsCreate standard project directories
setup_filesCreate standard project directories
sharedcacheGuidelines for sharing files in a team data analysis
time_conversionsFormat a POSIXct timestamp with UTC into a character string
YAMLify_build_statusCopy info from .remake/objects to build/status
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