Man pages for aaronrudkin/werner
Improve Package Code By Mapping Relationships Between Functions

adjacency_matrixGenerates an adjacency matrix between functions in a package
breadth_firstBreadth first search of a directed unweighted graph with...
capture_internal_function_defCaptures whether an R language statement is the assignment of...
diagnose_werner_failuresDiagnoses werner's failures to detect foreign functions.
explore_packageMaps relationships between functions in a package.
get_calls_from_functionGets all calls from a function
get_calls_from_lineGets function calls of interest in a "line" of R code.
get_functions_from_packageExtracts all the functions from a package
name_need_quoteDetermines whether an R object name needs to be backticked...
plot_adjacency_matrixPlotting a package adjacency matrix.
wernerwerner package
where_is_foreign_function_fromWhich foreign package is a function being loaded from?
which_are_functionsConfirm which objects from a package namespace are functions
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