Man pages for abarbour/hydrogeo
Tools for hydrogeology and poroelasticity

brocherConvert between material properties and seismic velocities.
chk0to1Checks whether bounded between 0 and 1.
compressibilityCalculate compressibility and strain sensitivity.
diffusivRanges of diffusivity for a few types of solid-rock and...
dimensional_unitsGives dimensional units for quantity desired.
Elastic.PropertiesElastic properties from seismic velocities
hydraulic_conductivityHydraulic conductivity.
hydraulic_diffusivityHydraulic diffusivity.
hydrogeo.p-atmosphereElevation pressure and head.
hydrogeo.p-constantsConstants used as defaults
hydrogeo.p-packageTools for hydrogeology and poroelasticity.
hydrogeo.p-unitsConversion of units.
kinviscCalculate the kinematic viscosity of a fluid.
kmsConvert velocity or slowness to km/s.
porosityCalculate porosity.
sand_silt_clayPlot a ternary diagram of sand-silt-clay grain-size...
shepardShepard's (1954) grain-size classification.
skemptonCalculate Skempton's coefficient B.
storativityAquifer storativity.
transmissivityAquifer transmissivity.
Undrained.ResponseCalculate undrained pressure response to volume strain
xyz2ternaryConvert triaxial data to biaxial.
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