Man pages for abarbour/strain
Tools for working with strainmeter and PBO borehole data

as.bsmConvert an object to one with class "bsm"
azimuthMap an angle into the corresponding strain angle.
bsm-methodsMethods for borehole strainmeter (bsm) data
calibMatrixReturn a calibration matrix, inverted or not
calibrateApply a calibration to strain data
calibration-matrixCalibration matrices for BSM gauge data
calmatExtract a calibration matrix from an object
CoulombStressCalculate Coulomb stresses on a plane from a given stress...
dilatationCalculate vertical and dilatational strain from horizontal...
extensionsCalculate extensions along specified axes
gainGain correction
gap_distanceChoose a GTSM gap distance
gaugeOrientationsReturn gauge orientations, restricted or not.
geodesic_strainsTransform tensor strains into geodesic reference frame...
geod_rotateTransform tensor strains in a 1-2 system into an r-t system
grant10Grant (2010) surface-wave calibration coefficients
hfbsmAssemble high-frequency strain data
hodg13Hodgkinson et al (2013) tidal calibration coefficients
invariantsCalculate strain invariants from horizontal tensor strains
is.calibratedTest whether strain is calibrated
linearizeMake raw strain linear or linear strain raw
lpfilterCausal lowpass filtering with decimation
max_shearCalculate maximum horizontal shear from horizontal tensor...
minphsMinimum phase lowpass filter weights for strain data
orientation_conventionsRemind, with ASCII art, the gauge numbering/naming...
pbouPBO (un)official tidal calibration coefficients
plot_gaugelinePlots lines for gauge orientations
plot_orientationsPlot the orientations of the instrument gauges.
principalsCalculate principal strains
roel10Roeloffs (2010) tidal calibration coefficients
rotateApply a rotation of vectors in the 1-2 plane about the 3-axis
straight_decimateStraight decimation
strain-constantsConstants used as defaults
strain-filteringMinimum phase filtering
strain-gettersFunctions to get information about a 'bsm' object.
strain-miscellanyMiscellaneous utilities
strain-packageTools to work with geodetic strain data.
strainsExtract strains from an abject
strain-utilitiesUtilities for strain-related calculations
stressesCompute plane stress tensor from plane strain tensor
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