Man pages for achubaty/grainscape
Landscape Connectivity, Habitat, and Protected Area Networks

corridorVisualize corridors between two points using a grains of...
corridor-classThe 'corridor' class
distanceFind the grains of connectivity network distance
exportExport spatial data from MPG and GOC models
extractExtract or Replace Parts of an Object
ggGSPrepare data in 'MPG' and 'grain' objects for use with...
GOCProduce a grains of connectivity model at multiple scales...
goc-classThe 'goc' class
grainExtract a grain of connectivity (GOC) tessellation at a given...
grain-classThe 'grain' class
grainscape-defunct'grainscape': Defunct
grainscape-deprecated'grainscape': Deprecated
grainscape-mapsTest maps included with 'grainscape'
grainscape-packageEfficient Modelling of Landscape Connectivity, Habitat, and...
graphdfProduce a 'data.frame' containing the structure and...
habConnEngineHabitat connectivity engine
habConnRcppHabitat connectivity engine (C++)
hce-classThe 'hce' class
MPGExtract a minimum planar graph (MPG) model from a landscape...
mpg-classThe 'mpg' class
patchFilterFilter out patches smaller than a specified area
plotPlot quick visualizations of 'grainscape' objects
pointIdentify the polygons containing locations in grains of...
showShow a 'grainscape' object
theme_grainscapeA 'ggplot2' theme for 'grainscape'
thresholdProduce a minimum planar graph (MPG) at multiple scales
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