Man pages for acidgenomics/pipette
Pipette Biological Data In and Out of R

assignAndSaveDataAssign and save data
cacheURLDownload and cache a file using BiocFileCache
checksumsGenerate checksum from file
coerceCoercion methods
decodeDecode column data that uses run-length encoding
defunctDefunct functions
droplevelsDrop unused levels from factors
encodeEncode using run-length encoding
getJSONGet JSON from an API
getURLDirListGet remote URL directory listing
loadDataLoad data
loadDataAsNameLoad data as name
loadRemoteDataLoad remote data
localOrRemoteFileDynamically handle a local or remote file path
matchRownameColumnMatch row name column
naStringsNA strings
PipetteFile-classFile extension classes
pipetteTestsURLpipette test data URL
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
removeNARemove rows and columns containing only NA values
sanitizeNASanitize NA values
sanitizePercentSanitize percentage
saveDataSave data
transmitTransmit files from a remote FTP server
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