Man pages for adzemski/netprobitFE
Network probit with fixed effects

add_predictadd predicted values or residuals under FE projection
add_xtildeadd xtilde's by reference
add_ystarAdd latent index to dataset for given structural parameters.
centerCenter a vector
compute_HCompute H for ij link (definition see paper)
compute_JCompute J (see paper for definition)
compute_omegaCompute omega for ij link (definition see paper)
compute_pCompute linking probability p for ij link (definition see...
compute_p1Compute p(1 - p) for ij link (definition see paper)
compute_rCompute probability of reciprocated link
compute_ystarCompute ystar
copy_ij_value_to_jiMake new variables that for entry i,j contains the j,i values...
copy_var_to_new_suffixCopy variable, new name changes the suffix
define_modelDefine a network model
define_sim_design_jochmansDefine a simulation design (Jochmans)
double_bootstrapDouble bootstrap procedure
double_bootstrap_innerFast computation of bootstrap bias
draw_bootstrap_sampleDraw from bootstrap distribution
draw_j18_dynamic_meetingSample from alternative with dynacmic behavior
draw_network_jochmans_2018Sample a random network following modified Jochmans design
excess_transcompute observed excess transitivity
fast_excess_transitivityCompute excess transitivity
identityReturn vector unchanged
long_to_wideReshape dyadic network data from long (ij, i != j) to wide...
MLE_stage1ML estimation of stage 1
MLE_stage2ML estimation stage 2
MLE_stage2_gradientStage 2: solve likelihood directly
MLE_stage2_mleStage 2: solve likelihood directly
num_in_trianglesDetect number of triangles that this link is a part of
num_pairscompute number of (ordered) pairs from 1, ..., N
num_trans_closuresDetect number of transitive relationships closed by this link
partial_J_ystar1Compute derivative of J (see paper) wrt ystar1
partial_p_ystarCompute derivative of p (linking probability) wrt to ystar
partial_p_ystar_ystarCompute 2nd order derivative of p (linking probability) wrt...
partial_r_rhoCompute derivative of r wrt rho (see paper for definition)
partial_r_ystar1Compute derivative of r wrt rho
partial_r_ystar1_rhoCompute 2nd order derivative of r wrt ystar1 and rho
partial_r_ystar1_ystar1Compute 2nd order derivative of r wrt ystar1 and ystar1
partial_r_ystar1_ystar2Compute 2nd order derivative of r wrt ystar1 and ystar2
read_link_datause C++ class LinkVariable to establish link to R data frame
simulate_methodsRun simulations
triangles_biascorr_new_varsadd new link variables that are required for bias correction
triangle_testCompute specification test based on transitive triangles
ttest_rhoCompute bias adjusted t-statistic for parameter rho
ttest_thetaCompute bias adjusted t-statistic for parameter theta
weighted_inner_prodCompute a weighted inner product
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