PostitsApi: Agave Postits API operations

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PostitsApi Class


postits <- PostitsApi$new( apiClient = ApiClient$new(), cache = AgaveCache$new() )


An object of class R6ClassGenerator of length 24.


The PostIts service is a URL shortening service similar to,, and It allows you to create pre-authenticated, disposable URLs to any resource in the Agave Platform. You have control over the lifetime and number of times the URL can be redeemed, and you can expire a PostIt at any time. As with all Science API resources, a full set of events is available for you to track usage and integrate the lifecycle of a PostIt into external applications as needed.

The most common use of PostIts is to create URLs to files and folders you can share with others without having to upload them to a third-party service. For example, using the PostIts service, you can share the output(s) of an experimental run, distribute materials for a class, submit data to a third-party service, and serve up assets for a static website like Agave ToGo.

Other uses cases for the PostIts service include creating “drop” folders to which anyone with the link can upload data, allowing a job to be reproducibly rerun for peer review, publishing metadata for public consumption, publishing a canonical reference to your user profile. The possibilities go on and on. Anytime you need to share your science with your world, PostIts can help you.

Read more about the Postits API in the Agave Developer's Guide


apiClient a rAgave::ApiClient instance preconfigured to speak to the Agave Platform.

cache an rAgave::AgaveCache instance pointing to the persistent auth cache file on disk.

responseType the default object type methods of this class should return. Valid values are:


$addPostit() Create a new PostIt


postits$addPostit$listPostits(body, naked, )

$deletePostit() Immediately invalidates this PostIt URL.


postits$deletePostit$listPostits(nonce, naked, )

$listPostits() List existing PostIts


postits$listPostits$listPostits(naked, limit, offset, search, )

See Also

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