Man pages for alattuada/GeDS
Geometrically Designed Spline Regression

BaFe2As2Barium-Ferrum-Arsenide powder diffraction data
coalMiningCoal Mining Disasters data
coefCoef method for GeDS objects
DeriveDerivative of GeDS objects
deviance.GeDSDeviance method for GeDS objects
EWmortalityDeath counts in England and Wales
fDefining the covariates for the spline component in a GeDS...
FittersFunctions used to fit GeDS objects.
formula.GeDSFormula for the predictor model
GeDS-classGeDS Class
GGeDSGeneralized Geometrically Designed Spline regression...
IntegrateDefined integral of GeDS objects
IRLSfitIRLS Estimation
knotsKnots method for GeDS objects
lines-GeDS-methodLines method for GeDS objects. Adds a GeDS curve to an...
NGeDSGeometrically Designed Spline regression estimation
plot-GeDS-methodPlot method for GeDS objects. Plots GeDS fits.
PPolyRepPiecewise Polynomial Spline Representation
predict.GeDSPredict method for GeDS objects
print.GeDSPrint method for GeDS objects
SplineRegEstimation of the coefficients of a predictor model with...
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