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What the Package Does (One Line, Title Case)

asses_accuracyAsses accuracy and estimate area according to Olofsson
compare_tsUtil function for computing similarity parameters between two...
compute_indexesCompute indexes
compute_sd_rasterCompute the pixel-wise standard deviation.
compute_sd_raster_gdalCompute the pixel-wise standard deviation using GDAL.
cov_get_areasGet the areas
cov_get_valuesGet values from a coverage
cov_projTransform a coverage's SRS
cov_readRead a coverage from a file on disk.
cov_sample_randomGet random sample points
cov_sample_stratifiedGet random sample points
cov_srsGet a coverage's SRS.
cov_typeGet the type of coverage.
get_brick_mdGet metadata from a Brick filename
get_confusion_matrixCompute a confusion matrix
get_timeseriesGet time series for validates sample points.
get_timeseries_modisGet MODIS time series for validates sample points.
is_covIs the given object a coverage?.
load_samplesLoad sample time series from Rdata files
parse_training_logParse the log file of a training.
process_valid_shpProcess a shapefile of validated samples.
prodes_compute_areaCompute PRODES areas.
prodes_rasterizeRasterize PRODES.
prodes_samples_interpolatedSample time-series from the PRODES system using...
prodes_samples_interpolated_few_cloudsSample time-series from the PRODES system using...
prodes_samples_starfmSample time-series from the PRODES system using a fusion...
prodes_samples_starfm_few_cloudsSample time-series from the PRODES system using a fusion...
replace_bands_with_randomReplace column values with random numbers
sample_polygonsObtain random samples from polygons
sample_randomGet random sample points
sample_stratifiedGet random samples points
sim_sits_tibbleSimulate a sits_tibble made of random observations
simulate_tsSimulate a time series of a Vegetation Index (VI). Alber...
splitAtSplit a vector at the given positions.
validate_csvValidate CSV files of samples.
validate_samplingValidate a coverage
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