Man pages for ald0405/SangerTools
Tools for Population Health Management Analytics

age_bandizerAge Band Creation: Create a new column of 5 year Age Bands...
age_bandizer_2Create age bands from a numerical column
categorical_col_chartPlot Counts of Categorical Variables
cohort_processingPatient Cohort Re-Identification Processing
crude_ratesCrude Prevalence Calculator
df_to_sqlDataframe to SQL
excel_clipDataframe or Tibble to Clipboard
master_patient_indexMaster Patient Index
multiple_csv_readerRead Multiple CSV files into R
multiple_excel_readerRead Multiple Excel files into R
pipePipe operator See 'magrittr::%>%' for details.
PopHealthDataPopHealthData - Population health data for testing functions
scale_fill_sangerBranded discrete colour scale
show_brand_paletteBrand Colour Palette
show_extended_paletteExtended Brand Colour Palette
split_and_saveSplit & Save
standardised_rates_dfStandardised Prevalence Rates.
theme_sangerCustomised ggplot2 Theme
uk_pop_standardData set of 2018 UK Population
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