Man pages for alec25/smif.package
SMIF Risk Team Function Storage

adminAdministration functions for smif.package
canConnectDetermines if connection is possible
cleanAccountClean accounting data
cleanIndexClean index inputs
cleanIPCleans the name of a site
cleanSectorClean sector names
getAVGet SMIF AlphaVantage API key
getConstituentsLoad constituent data for indexes
getHoldings.SMIFLoads the current SMIF holdings
getRiskMetricsGet VaR and ES metrics
getSectorETFIdentify ETFs that correspond to a given sector
getSectorWeightsLoad sector weightings for indexes
getServerDataRetrieves data from the SMIF server
getSlidesGet data for SMIF risk slides
getStockInfoRetreives info for a stock
getStopsGenerates VALOS stops
getSymbols.SMIFGet stock data (optimized)
indexIdentifierValid identifiers for common indexes
smif_aaCollection of data relevent to SMIF Asset Allocation
smif.adminAdministration functions for smif.package
smif.packageSMIF Function and Documentation Package
smif.package-packageSMIF Function and Documentation Package
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